Writing & Editoral Work

In English:

June 2018 – Present, Study.com

Text lessons written:

Practical Application for Programming in R: Data Cleaning in R

Practical Application for Programming in R: Data Processing in R

Detecting Data Errors in R Programming

Inconsistent Data in R Programming

Data Access Using HTTP: Definition & Purpose

Document Modes & Noscript in JavaScript: Definition & Use

Advanced Canvas Features in HTML: Use & Examples

JavaScript Form Validation Using Regular Expressions: Definition & Example

Showing Text in HTML Using JavaScript: Syntax & Example

External & Internal JavaScript: Explanation & Examples

Updating HTML Form Elements in JavaScript: Explanation & Examples

Validating Forms Using JavaScript: Overview & Example

Using JavaScript to Return Elements from HTML Forms

The Browser Object Model (BOM): Definition & Relation to the DOM

DOM Events & Objects in JavaScript Overview

The Document Object Model (DOM): Purpose & Function

Using JavaScript to Work With the Document Object Model: Use & Examples

Modifying Elements, Attributes, Classes & Styles in the DOM

JavaScript Event Handlers: Overview & Example

Transforming Data to Data Frame in R Programming

Data Structures in R Programming

Lists in R Programming: Purpose & Examples

Data Frames in R Programming: Properties & Manipulation

Network Services in Linux

User Defined Function in R Programming: Creation & Use

Basics of the Macintosh OS for Digital Forensics

Linux Operating System: Distributions & Uses

Practical Application for Introduction to Linux: Programming Statements in Bash

How to Install Fedora Linux on a Local Machine

Linux Directories, Linked Files & the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Shell, Terminal, Bash & Kernel in Linux: Definition & Basic Commands

Analyzing User Interface Design: Steps & Procedures

Component-Level Design: Definition & Types

Component-Level Design: Steps & Examples

Data Modeling in Software Engineering: Objects, Attributes & Relationships

Installing MySQL for Database Programming

Requirements Modeling in Software Engineering: Classes, Functions & Behaviors

Scenario-Based Requirements Modeling: Definition & Application

Class-Based Data Modeling: Definition & Application

In Greek:

December 2015 – July 2016, Koufalis Media Corporation

Stories of Medical Success,” medical guide, published in 2017. Role: copywriter, editor.

Best Tavernas“, restaurant guide, published with “Ethnos” newspaper, July 2016. Role: copywriter, managing editor.

Greek Best Hotels“, annual hotel guide, published with “Proto Thema” newspaper, June 2016. Role: copywriter, managing editor.

Medical & Pharmacy“, guide of doctors and pharmacists, published with “Eleftheros Typos” newspaper, May 2016. Role: copywriter, editor.

“Winter Hotels”, hotel guide, published with “Proto Thema” newspaper, February 2016. Role: copywriter.

“Top of the Top 2016”, restaurant and bar guide, published with “Kathimerini” newspaper, December 2015. Role: copywriter, editor.

Unpublished work:

“Education in Greece”, school guide. Role: copywriter, editor.

“Beauty & Fitness”, guide to health & beatuy businesses. Role: copywriter, editor.

“World of Pets” (“Kosmos ton Katoikidion” in Greek), guide to veterinary clinics and pet stores. Role: copywriter, managing editor.

Other work while at Koufalis:

“Greek Foods”, guide to Greek food industry companies, published with “Proto Thema” newspaper, May 2016. Role: aftersales, invoicing, arranging delivery of copies.

“Medical Success Stories III”, medical guide, published March 2016. Role: aftersales, invoicing, arranging delivery of copies.

November 2008 – April 2009, “Ethnos” newspaper, Sunday edition, World News section (intern position)

Co-wrote four feature articles and wrote a dozen single-column pieces with no byline. Participated in over 20 weekly content meetings as one of six journalists on the world news desk of the Sunday edition, suggesting topics to be covered in the upcoming edition, taking on assigned writing tasks. Managing editor of the edition was Babbis Papadakis and supervising editors were Yannis Poulos and Christos Kyriazis.

Web Work

Koufalis Media Corporation
December 2015 – July 2016

Besttavernes.gr – companion website to the “Best Tavernas” restaurant guide, July 2016. Role: created website (WordPress), created and uploaded content.

successstories.gr – company website, January 2016. Role: created website (WordPress), modeled on older website youngbusinessman.gr; research in company archive for content; created YouTube and SoundCloud channels; uploaded content.

winterhotels.eu – Companion website to “Winter Hotels” hotel guide, December 2015. Created website (Bootstrap), created content.

greekfoods.info – Companion website to “Greek Foods” guide, December 2015. Created website (Bootstrap).

topofthetop.gr – companion website to “Top of the Top 2016” restaurant guide, December 2015. Created website (Bootstrap), created content.

K-S Publishing & Trading Ltd.
June 2009 – June 2015

oplognosia.com – news website for hunters, in Greek with some English pages. Role: created and manage website. Managed transfer of content across formats: static HTML, Joomla, WordPress.

smooth-bore.com – website about hunting and shotguns, in English. Role: created website.

linseedoilfinish.com – promotional website for English language publication “Linseed Oil Finish”, a how-to guide for wood finishing. Role: created website.

borekisser.com – product page for the “Borekisser”, a shotgun cleaning tool. Role: created website.

Other Web Work

Other web work outside of K-S and Koufalis has included setting up the personal website of artist and photographer friend Stratis Stamatakos, a tribute website to Mr. George Goutis’ past air arm repair business, Dragon Arms, as well as websites for personal creative pursuits, for the short story books “Tales of the Wild”, “Downfall”, and their Greek language editions, “Istories gia Agrious” and “Parakmi.”

Photo & Video


K-S Publishing & Trading Ltd, 2009 – 2014
Provided all the photography for the how-to book “Linseed Oil Finish” and contributed photos for several articles on the Oplognosia website, including coverage of the Diana 2010 exhibition.



April 2011

Shot and edited video coverage of the 2011 Diana hunting & outdoor sports exhibition in Greece for Oplognosia website.

May 2008

Contributed video footage for Olga Emmanuel’s musical “Chrysothemis“.


May 2008

Participated in the 5th Naoussa International Film Festival with short film “Valitsa.”

September 2007

Participated in the 9th Patras International Panorama of Independent Film and Video Producers with short film “Kariolos.”


In English:

“Tales of the Wild”
May 2012
Self-published through Smashwords
ISBN: 9781476376905

Fiction Fix
March 2014
Self-published through Smashwords
ISBN: 9781311424747

In Greek:

Istories gia Agrious
May 2012
Self-published through Smashwords
ISBN: 9781476383927

March 2014
Self-published through Smashwords
ISBN: 9781310929137